Tim Symons, Campus Director, Box Hill Institute Singapore
“... highly experienced, extremely professional and a very proficient trainer. He has the knack of establishing good relationship with his clients and is able to contextualise and engage learners in a positive manner that enhances their learning.”
“... an adept counsellor who is able to guide his learners/clients move towards a positive goal overcoming their life situations.”

FamilyMatters@School Coordinator
“... received great response and feedback. Parents thought that he was engaging and was knowledgeable in the subject field.”

John Philip Louis, Schema Therapist, Singapore
“Halbert Louis has acquired a wide range of skills as a professional counsellor and is able to peer into the complexities of people's parenting, marriages, and their emotional well-being. He is able to provide easy to understand, yet insightful information to participants. They will find step-by-step strategies for overcoming some of the most difficult obstacles that stand in their way to better living.
He also uses an engaging blend of warmth, openness and humility along with powerful movie scenes to bring about clarity in his presentations. Professionals, marrieds, singles as well as parents will benefit tremendously by engaging him as a resource speaker and trainer.”

Family Central - a service by Fei Yue Community Services
“... connects well with his participants ... very fun and engaged the participants ... positive and good energy during his presentation ... able to relate to our day-to-day activities and encounter in his informative workshops.”
“Halbert also conducted parenting, marriage, mental wellness talks in the companies - Government of Singapore, NatSteel Holdings, SGH, Infuse and Jardine One Solutions. The positive comments were "useful, speaker is engaging", "good, practical examples and scenarios given" and "good presentation".”

Vice President of Business Development of local Financial Consultancy firm
“Thank you for the interactive and engaging talk on "Positive Psychology" which is insightful and your advice on some useful and practical tips. It serves as a timely reminder on how Positive Psychology being practiced consciously and with purpose will bring about immense wholesome benefits to our mental health and add more meaning and quality to our work and family life as well. The feedback from our staff who attended is very positive and beneficial. They like your talk/sharing very much.
We are keen to use your services for our producers training sessions which I briefly mentioned to you this afternoon.”